Science of Art is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students to identify the intersection between scientific experimentation and the creative process, and addresses how scientists and artists think alike. The Museum of Glass created Science of Art in response to an articulated need for new and stimulating approaches to science and art education in elementary, middle, and high school classes. The program presents an informative, engaging curriculum meeting EALRs (which may include communications, science, art, reading, writing, social studies and/or history) GLEs, and Next Generation Science Standards to enhance student learning opportunities and rejoins the connections between science and art as well as to other core subjects.


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Science of Art programming is offered to dedicated schools that are willing to make an impact in their students’ learning. Teachers must make a commitment to schedule a classroom lesson facilitated by a Museum of Glass Art Educator prior to their Museum visit and following the visit teachers are expected to complete a program evaluation. We ask schools who wish to participate to complete a registration form in order to reserve a spot. Programming is available for six select weeks each spring.

The need to know, create, explore and understand provides
inspiration to the development of the human spirit. Science
and art share this inspirational foundation, even though through
time they’ve been separated.
—Leonard Shlain, Art and Physics;

Science of Art Museum Visits

Science of Art is an ideal way to reach all learning types, from the kinetic to the aural.  From the scientist to the art lover, everyone will find something that excites them.  The 3.5 hour Museum visit rotates students through four different areas with different learning experiences to look at art through a scientific lens. Student groups are limited to 60 students in each time slot, split into smaller groups of no more than 20 each.

  • Hot Shop: Live glassblowing demonstrations where students witness elements of science incorporated into the creative process.
  • Galleries: A specialized tour of the exhibitions, focusing on both the artistic and scientific themes in the work.
  • Education Studio: A scientific principle is introduced followed by a related hands-on art project that ilustrates key concepts.
  • Theater: Join an artist for an interactive exploration of how each uses both science and art in their daily lives.

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Once we receive your application, we will review the information and mail you a confirmation packet which includes guidelines for your visit, maps and driving directions. If your chosen date is already filled, we will contact you to schedule another time to visit.

Financial Aid

Museum of Glass has limited funds available to assist schools needing financial aid for transportation or admissions costs. The funds are limited to Washington state schools; schools outside of Seattle and Tacoma will have preference for transportation funds. Awards are based on need and may be any percentage of total cost.

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Science of Art
sponsored by

  • Boeing Company
  • The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation
  • The Florence B. Kilworth Foundation 

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