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skibskaKnown for her large-scale glass installations, Seattle-based artist Anna Skibska continues to explore the ways in which artworks are viewed with Coastal Alchemy, an exhibition of her newest work in collaboration with painter Meg Holgate and poet Trenton Flock. Skibska, who organized the exhibition, treats glass sculptures as just one of many collage elements that combine paper, photography, and even shadows on the wall, to create an immersive, abstract environment. Skibska’s new body of work also develops a self-referential “La Skibska” persona through a series of self-portraits and semi-autobiographical references that include her house and pet dog. Painter Meg Holgate surrounds Skibska’s collages with a series of ethereal landscapes and paints on glass for the first time, heightening the abstract quality of her artworks. Poet Trenton Flock contributes “Cannon Beach”, a poem that becomes an object in itself, suspended from the ceiling with the pages turned to the side. Read "Cannon Beach" here.

Coastal Alchemy explores the ways in which spatial relationships are represented through both abstract and figurative means. Because all of the exhibition’s artists live in coastal environments, Skibska views their collaboration as related to an alchemical creative process that experiments with both literal and metaphorical edges. Museum visitors will explore a labyrinthine environment of two-dimensional and three- dimensional collages and sculptures in which it will be difficult to determine the discrete boundaries between artworks.

“We are delighted to welcome Anna Skibska back to the Museum for this next evolution of her work,” states Warner. “Although we all collectively hold our breath as her work is unpacked and installed, we are always awestruck when the gallery door is opened and visitors can experience her work.”

Curator David Francis notes, “This exhibition pushes past the boundaries of the Studio Glass movement and places glass clearly as a strong and equal medium in contemporary art.”

Read Francis' analysis of the themes within the exhibition here

Image credit:
Anna Skibska; La Skibska (detail), 2013; Mixed media collage; 36 x 48 inches; Courtesy of the artist.

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