April 9, 2005 - April 7, 2007

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Mark Bennion is a painter and sculptor living on Vashon Island. His work is simple, geometric and quiet. An exhibition of his work at William Traver Gallery, Tacoma, resulted in the offer of his Tidewater sculpture for display at the Museum. Three eight-foot-high welded steel sculptures resembling large, rectangular doorways were installed in the mid-level plaza pool.

The original concept of the Tidewater project was to take
the sculptures to a beach location and video and photograph
them as the tide covered and uncovered the work. Using
the tide cycle as a metaphor for the cycle of birth, death,
and birth, I was trying to provide an opportunity to
question our place in the world.

One of the pleasant surprises of the original installation
was the interaction of the geometric shapes with the
changing natural environment. The subtleties of light,
wind, rain, and water patterns juxtaposed against the simple
geometry of the sculptures evoked a heightened awareness
of the surroundings.

In bringing the sculptures to the reflection pond at the
Museum of Glass, I am again providing the opportunity
for this simple geometry to interact with the changing
environment of light, shadow, wind and reflection.
These shapes are the simplest of forms, the beginnings
of architecture. They bring memories of doors, portals,
exits, entrances, Malta, Stonehenge, Crete, and gathering
places from around the world. As if from some distant
memory, they are at once familiar. An ancient innocence
of simplicity.

—Mark Bennion





Image credit:
Mark Bennion (American, born 1948), Tidewater, 2002. Museum of Glass photo.

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