DANTE MARIONI: Form | Color | Pattern

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February 16, 2008 – March 8, 2009

Organized by Dante Marioni Studio

Dante Marioni: Form, Color, Pattern is a mid-career survey comprising more than twenty exceptional glass works crafted over the past two decades by Seattle artist, Dante Marioni.

Marioni is known for his mastery of Venetian glassblowing techniques. In his hands, the traditional vessel is transformed into modern sculpture with shape and surface simultaneously minimalist and delicately complex. His elegant vessels are compelling for their bold colors, striking geometries, graceful forms and impeccable finishes. Most of the forms he chooses are utilitarian in nature (vases, pitchers and cups) but he challenges viewers’ perceptions of these objects by increasing their scale and incorporating the decorative brilliance that has defined glassmaking for centuries. For Dante Marioni, the art of glassblowing—rather than the blowing of glass art—is the ultimate purpose.

The exhibition explores the ways Marioni has been inspired by both historical and contemporary glassblowers. Drawing upon the centuries-long artistic conversation about classical design, proportion, and aesthetics that dates back to the ancient roots of the art form, he is also influenced by the teachings of contemporary mentors, such as Lino Tagliapietra, to create a style distinctively his own.

Included in the exhibition are pieces from Marioni’s personal collection dating back to the early 1990s.






Image credits:
Dante Marioni (American, born 1964).  All works collection of Dante and Alison Marioni.
Fusilli Acorn, Striped Acorn, Grid Acorn, 2006.  Glass, 9 x 15 inches each, photo by Russell Johnson.
2. Reticello Vase (Black), 2006.  Glass, 36 x 6 inches, photo by Roger Schreiber.
3.  Vessel Display (Yellow on Blue), 2006.  Glass and wood, 27 x 19 x 5 inches, photo by Russell Johnson.

4.  Gambo Vases (Black and White), 2000.  Glass, greatest height 44 inches, photo by Russell Johnson.
5.  Finestra Vases (detail), 2000.  Glass, greatest height 40 inches, photo by Russell Johnson.

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