LOST: Ten Australian KangaroosGreenGuyHelpNoLink

MOG’s mascot Green Guy was chaperoning ten Australian kangaroos as they were visiting the new exhibition Links: Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest. Afterwards, he took them to see the Chihuly Bridge of Glass--He turned his back and they were gone!

Help find Green Guy's lost kangaroos and you'll be entered to win

Step 1:

Find a kangaroo! Five are hidden in Tacoma stores and restaurants. The additional five are hidden on the Museum of Glass website on various pages.

Step 2:

If you've found a kangaroo in downtown Tacoma, tweet @MuseumofGlass #foundkangaroo with your name and an original picture of the kangaroo you find. If you've found a kangaroo on the website include a link to the page that you found it on. You will be entered into a drawing for tickets to the Museum of Glass, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Grand Cinema as well as a gift certificate to Starbucks. Your name will be entered once for each individual kangaroo you find, so find multiple kangaroos to increase your chances of winning!

Step 3:

Find all of the kangaroos by August 7 and wait for the drawing to take place on Monday, August 12. We’ll let you know who the winner is via our twitter page. Also, check out the Woodland Park Zoo's Tree Kangaroos below!

Check out our Kangaroos' friends at the Woodland Park Zoo: Tree Kangaroos

Fun Facts About Tree Kangaroos:

  • Tree Kangaroos can leap 60 feet to the ground from trees without getting hurt.
  • Instead of sweating, Tree Kangaroos lick their forearms and allow the evaporation to help cool their bodies.
  • Young Tree Kangaroos are called joeys.

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