Look! See? The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert

look seeSeattle-based artists Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert have collaborated to present a multi-media exhibition that challenges assumptions about how art can be experienced in a museum setting. By actively encouraging visitors to not only touch but wear some of the artworks in the gallery, the artists are implicitly suggesting that art should be actively encountered rather than passively observed. The dynamic exhibition features a variety of glass sculptures combined with approximately 50 large, refurbished neon letters that visitors can touch, rearrange and wear like apparel. With a primary color palette reminiscent of children’s play equipment, Look! See? The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert will engage visitors of all ages in an exploration of art.

“Abstract artworks are often considered less accessible than figurative or narrative work, but with Look! See? the artists create a hands-on opportunity to engage with conceptual ideas,” notes Curator David Francis.

Portions of the exhibition were previously shown at the Traver Gallery in Seattle, WA, where Museum of Glass director Susan Warner first saw the work. “It was such a compelling experience that I knew it would resonate with our visitors. Museum of Glass has never been a traditional museum and with this exhibition we continue to engage in larger and more complex conversations about the place of art in daily life,” states Warner. 


Image credit:
Jen Elek (American, born 1972) and Jeremy Bert (American, born 1972); Transient Light Graffiti, 2013; Installation/Performance - 100-letter word building set, battery operated L.E.D. channel letters; dimensions vary; Photo by Ian Lewis.


See how our visitors interact with the letters of Look! See? on our Interactive Art Pinterest Board or browse through photos from the exhibition photo booth.



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